The weather begins to to heat up and the warmth of spring invades even the most hostile wardrobes. Here comes the time to leave winter with its dark colors behind and welcome one of the most popular trends of this season: pastel colors.

From warmer shades like yellow and pink to cooler shades like baby blue and lilac, light and delicate tones form the perfect palette for a glamorous and chic style.

Not just total look: just one piece is enough to stay on the crest of this Spring / Summer wave.

Beside clothing, also accessories and shoes cannot fail to focus on pastel colors and there is something for all tastes: the lilac Truck sneakers by Balenciaga for street style lovers, Stella McCartney Air platform flip flops to face the summer heat or Alevì's 'Denise' orange leather sandals for a more elegant event? The choice is yours!

The soft touch is not the only one that sets the trend: the most romantic shades light up and turn towards lively and bright variants, such as fuchsia, purple, orange, royal blue, acid green and green.

No limits for those who love to experiment with colors. Even those that may seem diametrically opposite are perfectly mixed in bold and super feminine looks, with variations suitable for any occasion.

Not just colors, have fun palying and combining textures, patterns and shapes. Apparently softer and more elusive fabrics and cuts wisely enclose the bodies, defining each curve with grace and precision, to enhance their beauty and leave nothing to chance.

Each shape is unique and worthy of being celebrated and sensuality is also absolutely fashionable for spring / summer 2022. So green light for cut-outs, slits, crop cuts and slim fits, to be worn alone or giving space to creativity with a bit of layering.

An example? A lime green dress over a pair of purple leggings both by The Attico and add Nanushka's pink midi shirt dress. Complete the look with the green sandals branded By far and Givenchy powder pink shoulder bag.

For a more sporty chic version, why not wear Stella McCartney trousers, Ganni pink crop top and add a touch of color with The Attico multicolored dress instead of a classic shirt?

But...that’s not all! If you prefer a more 'classic' touch for your look, you can go for the pink double-breasted blazer by Balmain or focus on accessories with the the Burberry crossboy bag and Yuzefi handbag , strictly lilac.

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