Is a union between modern cities and wilderness possible? Definitely yes.

With the safari style, designers have managed to bring ethnic prints and colors borrowed from the nature of the African continent to the runways. Vests, safari jackets and parkas, but also fanny packs, shoulder bags and amphibians tell the story of faraway influences that define the trend of the moment.

Even office dwellers in the Sahara or the urban jungle will feel comfortable in these garments.

The color palette of this trend looks to the earth: khaki, ochre, brown and all the shades that give the clothes delicate and harmonious nuances.

It is precisely the harmony of the natural color palette that inspired Zimmerman's choices for the 'Postcard' midi dress.

As for the compositions, the choice falls on natural materials such as cotton, linen and leather, the most suitable for the style that recalls pristine realities. In line with this principle, the Balenciaga fashion house chooses cotton and virgin wool to make its reversible trench coat.

At its origins, the safari style involved simple, masculine and concise shapes. A classic example is the suit consisting of a short-sleeved jacket with patch pockets, long shorts, helmet and boots. Today, however, the imagination of designers is endless and has taken this theme in new dimensions, including the sphere of feminine elegance: take a look at the knot mules proposed by By Far to see how the original model has evolved into new forms.

The trend for him and her cannot be imagined without accessories: from Ruslan Baginskiy's straw hats to Burberry's bags, the safari style asks to step out of the city schemes and to dive into unexplored atmospheres.

Let the allure of the wilderness make its way into your wardrobe.

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