All of us have a multifaced personality and we reflect it in our style.

Layer after layer it gives shape to our second skin, transforms and manifests itself in all its beauty.

How we dress should not be important and beautiful for others but it should be good for us and makes us feel good.

It can be more minimal or more eccentric, it doesn't matter. It reveals who you are and who you want to be, it hides you or makes you notice. The choice is yours and to express your personality is the hottest trend this fall!

It's the comfort zone you wear and it's priceless. Choose the pieces you prefer, layer them, have fun and compose your look.

Take the shirt dress from The Attico, wear it over the skinny jeans always branded by The Attico and add a layer to your look with the vest by Miu Miu. Play with accessories to bring your fantasies to life: a white quilted bag like the one created by Miu Miu or the vegan 'Bios' clutch by Themoiré? You decide, but don't give up to the Paris Texas 'second skin' pointed ankle boots, essential for your winter wardrobe. ■