You know that fashion is basically a matter of personal taste. If fashion addicts from all over the world could split into two groups, there would certainly be a LOGOMANIAC team in contrast with those who’d rather lie low.

You can find the right balance between the desire for ostentation and eternal elegance choosing from DIVO’s man wide range of proposal for this Fall Winter 20 season.

Balenciaga's oversized trousers indeed reinterprets the classic pinstripe motiv by replacing all those white stripes with a refined pattern of logo embroideries. With regard to outerwear, there are plenty of possibilities, starting from logo prints that create captivating graphic effects, such as for Heron Preston’s sweater, to strong style statements like in this logo embroidery pullover by Kenzo.

To complete this kind of outfits with their bold impact, accessories must be as basic as possible, such as these Texan boots by Saint Laurent and the 'Medusa' print logo bum bag by Versace.

Enjoy your shopping ■

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