Where is the future? What is the future? It is the unstoppable process of evolution.

A premise and a promise to introduce the new DIVO BOUTIQUE editorial.

Step by step, the Spring Summer 2022 collection is stripped of its physical nature and filled with a new digital life, transporting us into an immersive experience where space-time takes on another dimension.

A meta-universe accessible to anyone who wants to be part of it and where virtual and real interconnect…even in fashion.

This season is a universe as ethereal as tangible, far and near, the symbol of a transformation that leaves behind preconceptions and schemes to achieve a different vision. A vision made up of interactions between people and trends, exchanging datas and informations to create new trends.

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection appears as an effervescent and creative whirlwind of ideas: transparencies, bold and sensual cuts, off-duty style, layering of shapes and colours, from pastel to super bright, delicate prints, with references to the past that perfectly mix with new everyday inputs.

Are you ready to experience the DIVO world?

Production by Twinkle Creative

Stylist: Elena Monti

Photographer: Roberta Ungaro

Video: Elephant Studio