The overall mood of Autumn/Winter 2022's fashion trends can be summed up in one word: Nostalgia. Acute desire to return to live - and to love- places and moments that were special, but now they’re so far away.

Nostalgia comes in many different forms depending on our own ages, experiences and interests, feeling that desire for a better life.

This is what NOSTALG-YEAR states for: the new editorial by DIVO Boutique exploring and paying homage to life, environment, emotions, time and fashion. Our way of mirroring the world and its trends now.

The want to live again, to be inspired and to learn from the lives of people is reflected by fashion deisgners in their collections this season more than ever before.

A return to '90s and 00’s is clearly one of the most recurring fashion trends, with protagonists preppy style, low-slung waistlines and sporty elements calling back tennis vibes.

Proportions are getting wider and even more oversize for fall, from tailoring, baggy jeans and maxi skirts to bomber jackets.

Extra-tall boots made a roaring comeback this season. No matter what category you look at, the new proportions apply! Even the coat that will be with us this winter is long, fluffy and wrapping. Impossible to resist.

Colours dominate the runways! They are getting brighter and everything seems to have been covered in shiny sequins. Glitz, shimmer and a bit of extravagance: more is still more for the upcoming season. Fun and party is the favourite FW22 fashion mood!

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