Millenial purple is hands down the star colour of this Fall/Winter 20 season!

This vibrant shade, along with a wider range of powdery hues, has taken over lots of celebrities’ outfits, which means that purple is going to be one of the most promising trends for the upcoming months.

DIVO’s woman suggests to wear it in a monochrome outfit to make it a real fashion statement. Here’s the perfect look for all those end of summer parties you want to attend: The Attico ‘Gobi’ mini dress with its glamorous puff sleeves is the ultimate must-have piece to warm up your silhouette, not to mention ‘Venus’ high heel slingbacks, a perfect combo of sensuality and coolness.

Finally, Saint Laurent ultra chic 'Becky' shoulder bag guarantees and extra elegant touch.

This is the color to rock the season ■

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